Tenpeak, Our Story

Since early 2022, I've inspired people to go out and explore the unexplored.

Tenpeak Orgin Story

Tenpeak was started by Preston Palmo, a videographer and now content creator from San Diego, California. To expand the meaning behind "explore the unexplored," Preston posted videos of the nature that surrounded him and motivated his followers to go out and explore what the world has to offer, even if the journey was small. Over the past year, he grew his following to over 50,000 people and continues to share his main message to explore the unexplored through his new brand, Tenpeak.

Inspiration for Tenpeak

In the age of technology, we sometimes find ourselves buried in a phone screen and often take the vast unexplored world for granted. Our prints and, eventually, clothing inspire people to see windows into nature, big or small and take the first step to explore the unexplored.